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What is your reasoning behind thinking you shouldn't port it? My game had 65 plugins and I have ported it all myself. The improvements I saw in MZ over MV was well worth it and allowed me to actually cut some of the now-redundant plugins from the project. I say give it a shot and if you don't like the end result, then the most you've done is waste some time trying.
Neo Soul Gamer
Neo Soul Gamer
There are still core features in my game that aren't yet available for MZ. I've also sunk a lot of money into plugins for my current project. I'd basically be tossing that money away just to spend more money buying plugins for MZ. The return on investment just doesn't seem to make sense for me... Currently. ;)

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I was being lazy and just copied a map to test a new parallax, but I forgot to delete all the events. This was the result. :o
just finished a bunch of art commissions! im really grateful for this community- people have helped me out so much here- so im just trying to return the favor the only way i know how! :0)
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F.Mage: Phew...after finishing the Gathering Quest,i can take a break with my Phone. Let's see,what's new in the Fan Art Gallery
(3 Minutes Later,The Fan Art Of F.Healer & F.Mage Pecking Each Other Appeared)
F.Mage: (Spit The Water) WHAT THE HELL!!!
M.Knight: (Nosebleeding) Nice Scenery!
trying to figure my way around the basic functions of Construct 3 and OH GOD MY BRAIN. I'm starting to think that developing decades of RPG Maker skills might have a downside.
I miss my VXA project, so I might be rushing for RSE. Dropping a random progress report

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