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That's not weird at all. There's a few cool plugin packs on here locked behind a subscription. I'd have to be extra serious about finishing my game before I considered dropping any more money on it. Though, I do hope those that work hard and want compensation get what they're looking for.
I usually warn about paid plugins. Also, I go plugin hunting in my spare time lol. Try to search up japanese plugins. You might find a similar plugin that's free. I usually type out what I want to search for and then translate it into jap and then paste it into the search bar. So far I've been able to find a free alternative for almost everything and I also link free ones for people if any rather than paid ones.
The Stranger
The Stranger
I tend to mention when something costs money when linking them. Some plug-ins might be fairly cheap, whereas others might be pretty expensive. We also sometimes forget that there's quite a few children on here, and they don't usually have disposable income.

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Ugh, I may have been cumbersomely eventing a bunch of stuff I could have easily done changing the tileset "Passage (4 dir)" and "Ladder" options. Oops :D
I have no idea why some of the program "splash screen" always on top. E.g, RMMZ loading screen stuck on the top blocking anything I want to do until it fully loaded. What is even the purpose?
One of the secret places in the game.
Had a dream last night that I died -- what a way to start the weekend! :'D
For some reasons, my signature was replaced by god-knows-what, written in French. Had to re-replace it with my signature Nazeem-ish quote; not gonna remake my signature any time soon.

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