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I have questions but I won't ask XD Glad stuff are working out for you ^^
I mean you're welcome to ask. I can't say my er... method is the most efficient. I'm pretty certain it isn't. But hey I do a lot of weird things that end up working out. Like once I built some maps entirely out of weather effects. :popcorn: Speaking of which I should make a video on how to do that at some point. :LZSexcite:
I didn't get this part "So now each frame of the animation gets particle effects." And what do particles have to do with QSprite? :unsure:
Ah, some explanation is in order. PIXI Particles aren't like Effekseer. They create particle effects using a group of images, but they don't animate a series of images. So if I create a particle effect that employs a single image such as a boss monster. That image would have that effect (like the "shadow clones" from my last video). But it's still a single image, and the image will never change.
QSprite however is what I'm using to animate my characters, and MOBs (excluding the entirely particle based ones). It operates by the same rules as MV's character animations. Characters are stuck to layers 1,3,4... It has a static spritesheet. You can call on whatever cells of it you want but it will never change. So if you want to apply particles to manipulate it, you're out of luck.

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