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I dont know why, but I dont recall ever having that inclination (thats not to say I definitely never have, I just cant recall). Unless, do you mean something like seeing a car crash on the side of the road? That sort of thing?
Yep, exactly that. The curiosity of tragedy. We look because we want to see who got hurt. Did anyone die? How bad is the wreck? Then, we say afterwards, "Oh, it's a tragedy what happened to them!", forgetting that we were only initially interested due to the intrinsic entertainment value in sating our own morbid curiosity.

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What do you guys want to see for the new Jump into Javascript? A continuation of the rpg_objects, or would you prefer a "lesson 0" where I go back to the absolute basics of Javascript and cover the fundamentals of the language and its construction?
Hey RPG members!!

How do you finish projects? Some new game developers start off strong but end up losing momentum. What keeps you motivated while working on new projects?
Feeling wee sleepy.. ZzzZ
So many threads to move to the right place. My post count is awesome, but 95% of it is due to moving things.
So...I decided to make music for my game... Because i've never done anything musical in my life. I even failed music in school, you basically just had to show up to pass and I somehow failed xD

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