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0_0 He did it! *claps* Now that this is done, what's next? XD
Well the end goal was actually to allow the player to cap out at 30-40 of them at any given time... And then just have enough overhead left over for power ups to still be on the map without it all going pop. So now I go back to making power ups with gameplay mechanics attached.
At present I've been testing a very "Half Minute Hero" style of gameplay. In testing I've been finding the most entertaining thing is simply to collect stuff that grants immediate and very noticeable gains. Since the map itself is disintegrating so there isn't a huge amount of time. Some of the collectables actually partially regrow the map to buy more time for the player to accomplish objectives.
Which is kind of like the time mechanic from Half Minute Hero except instead of just letting the player buy ever more costly increments of 30 seconds... I figured it would be more exciting to see the power ups drive the disintegratiion backwards. I also need to setup having the power ups be disintegrated as well, and of course work on objectives.
I also want some means of minor permanent power ups because I plan to reset the player each map... But only back to whatever permanent stats they have. Half Minute Hero used gear. But honestly, menus are pretty awful to look at so I'll likely find a means of not using them.

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