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People really underestimate how many resources art can require. I ended up having to update my computer for exactly that reason. Looks like you might want to as well. :LZSwink:
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11905x8418. Yee, this computer is kinda old, its not even mine, so an upgrade wouldn't be bad idea.
Wow... why so big? I mean the character sheets I have with 583 frames of animation at 160x160 are only 3840x4000... And I thought those were huge. :kaoswt:
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I think I should change my software settings to scale on pixels instead of centimeters, apparently my scale conversion still too big. For a change I choosed to use a size preset today, so that's why it was bigger than usual. :kaopride: My usual draws are around 8000x6000 (ofc I have to downscale them after finished)
Well... that definitely explains why you'll need a better computer, especially if you're heavy into using layers. Do you just like working at that size? Or is there a reason you opt for such a large canvas?
Most likely I just got used to this size, It has a good balance between usable-expendable space, I can tweak my brushes sizes as much as I want without running into the issues of being either too small or too big, and resulting resolution is really good, maybe I could try to go around 50% the size, but honestly besides today, I don't have issues with it.

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Was there a thread that you could share a screenshot of your game? I feel like I found it once but can't locate it again.

I was being lazy and just copied a map to test a new parallax, but I forgot to delete all the events. This was the result. :o
just finished a bunch of art commissions! im really grateful for this community- people have helped me out so much here- so im just trying to return the favor the only way i know how! :0)
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F.Mage: Phew...after finishing the Gathering Quest,i can take a break with my Phone. Let's see,what's new in the Fan Art Gallery
(3 Minutes Later,The Fan Art Of F.Healer & F.Mage Pecking Each Other Appeared)
F.Mage: (Spit The Water) WHAT THE HELL!!!
M.Knight: (Nosebleeding) Nice Scenery!
trying to figure my way around the basic functions of Construct 3 and OH GOD MY BRAIN. I'm starting to think that developing decades of RPG Maker skills might have a downside.

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