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If you have a scroll wheel on your Mouse, you can hold the Ctrl key then scroll your wheel to adjust the font on the current Website that's open.
This is on Firefox, mind you. Not sure if it works the same on other Browsers...
Windows i7
Windows i7
Ctrl + 0 works to reset it and Ctrl + scroll wheel to adjust it. Works on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge so presumably this is standardized behavior.

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I just realised that the reason behind me not being able to make a game may be the lack of my original resources. I just dont like the look of MV faces and sprites, lol. Guess I will have make my own art.
I'm posting a commission art soon! :kaoswt2:
So here's a fun/tragic fact about me: I have an awful memory. But to be correct, I have memory "leaks". My memory is actually amazing, my issue is I can't keep memories for long, in fact, I once forgot my name. :kaoswt2:
The neighbourhood cats brought me a kitten today. They sat him on the step and semi-circled him. He's adorable, but now I gotta find somewhere for him.
So basically, I added strings to my musics and BAM, it doesn't sound empty anymore.

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