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The Stranger
The Stranger
It's not fun even if you don't have autism. I hate strangers in my home. It's my only safe place, my own little slice of reality where I'm in control. Having strangers in it really puts me on edge and makes my anxiety and paranoida go nuts. Watched a plumber like a hawk while he repaired my radiator. lol. I can't wander off and do other things.

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Signed a lease on a new place today. Back into town, closer to shops, family and takeaway - none of those could be a good thing! 10 days to moving date.
let me introduce you to my worlds source of "wool". A pretty simple-minded, easily scared and mostly blind, double-headed big wooly bird thingy :D Children may be able to ride on a trained one, but they don't support the weight of adults, so they aren't suitable for transportation. And herders use the shown tool to give them sound commands
This Life is a Dream is in full production! More pics and some free promo assets coming soon!
Dragonfly3116 wrote on Redweaver's profile.
i need to ask do you mind sending me a link to tutorial town an legend of ancients Please My new Email is necroboy1973@gmail.com
I Am A Member On The Site Here As Well If Your Still teaching Let Me Know Thanks Joseph

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