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Umbral Soul is a lil edgy and more traditional RPG Maker fare but it has some good ideas.

There's also this kickstarter game called Other: Her Loving Embrace that while not RPG Maker specifically looks fantastic.
Gameplay I don't think is my strong suit so when I am struck with an idea I run with and see far I can go with it. My best skill is definitely story-telling and character writing.

Eternal Senia is an action RPG and it has a good story.
Surprisingly I don't play alot of RPG from the RPG Maker Engine. You could also borrow elements from other genres of games and repurpose them fro your own game.

Another game I thing that is good but not an RPG is Harold's Journey Beyond (can be found on Itch). It has some good puzzles and it cleverly uses 4th wall breaks in its story.

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Hi, there is a Completed Games forum where you can post your game. Or a Commercial Games forum if it's paid. The status feed is not where these belong. Just make sure to read the pinned threads and include all the required information in your post.
I was initially looking for some old archer design i made a few years ago, but couldn't find it...
but here's a sketch from some parade / festival I stumbled upon that i totally forgot :D
Not sure how i'll go about it, but i definitely want to incorporate some of it in my game :)
So... what is sleep anyway? UGGGG

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