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Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Seriously just so tired of all of the apathy and misplaced ire going around everywhere. Life is complicated people, and we all need different things out of it. We're not always going to agree on the right course forward and oftentimes there is no perfect answer anyway.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Just live the best you can under the circumstances and forget about what others are doing, or at least, show a little empathy when you ruminate on them please. A personal story for perspective. Early on I went on with all of the recommendations happily because I didn't wanna be labeled Grandma-killer.
No, there's never peace in this world...even if it's a mom yelling at you...
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
I told my grandmom I wouldn't be there for Easter even though she asked me to because of Covid, I was good with it. Then she got stick, and stayed sick through June. She couldn't get in to see a doctor though because of a persistant fever that wouldn't break for 14 days without coming back.

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Rest in Peace, Sir Clive Sinclair
1940 - 2021
Entrepreneur, Technologist, Father of the British Computing Industry, and protagonist of Legend of ZUN.

Without you, England's games and tech industry wouldn't be where it is.
Woof, haven't touched any game-making elements in a couple of weeks I think.
Doing a thing in MV...

Don't you just hate it when you get a high level armor only for it to look like a metal plated bikini on your female character?? Seriously. How can that protect you??? Enemies can hit the squishy parts! :kaosigh:

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