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It could be worse, you could live in a world without tacos. Some fates truly are worse than death! :kaoback:
*me, who has never eaten a taco* um... ;__;
Edit: No! I remember I have! Only once! My friend and I shared one XD The whole thing fell apart when we divided it XD
I'm pretty sure it will get better ^^ Don't let a stupid migraine stop you from enjoying Christmas! *hugs*
@Hyouryuu-Na That's pretty much what tacos do! I saw a cute shirt on a show I watched recently... It had a cartoon taco with a sad face on it, and "every now and then I fall apart" underneath it. I want one! X3

I usually just mash mine up in a bowl and have it with a fork. Add extra lettuce and call it taco salad! X3
Seeing as how California might as well be a territory of Mexico... Places that sell tacos here are more common than places that sell coffee. Only good thing about this state if you ask me. :LZSwink: I did about vomit when someone mentioned their country finally got Taco Bell though. To think they call that disgusting thing they serve a taco. Basically a crime against humanity. :kaolivid:
Eh, I can't eat much of anything from restaurants these days anyway. I can't guarantee there's no artificial flavour in them, which is one of my migraine triggers. I have made a homemade crunch wrap thingy, though. That was good, although rice tortillas are finicky things.
Are tacos really that famous over there? ^^; We also have taco bells and other Mexican food restaurants. I'm not the foodie kind so don't know much about this but I think people here are more into Japanese, Chinese and Korean food. It's becoming so popular that some restaurants are opening up focusing only on food from these areas and they're doing pretty well.

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I was being lazy and just copied a map to test a new parallax, but I forgot to delete all the events. This was the result. :o
just finished a bunch of art commissions! im really grateful for this community- people have helped me out so much here- so im just trying to return the favor the only way i know how! :0)
--- Fan Art ---

F.Mage: Phew...after finishing the Gathering Quest,i can take a break with my Phone. Let's see,what's new in the Fan Art Gallery
(3 Minutes Later,The Fan Art Of F.Healer & F.Mage Pecking Each Other Appeared)
F.Mage: (Spit The Water) WHAT THE HELL!!!
M.Knight: (Nosebleeding) Nice Scenery!
trying to figure my way around the basic functions of Construct 3 and OH GOD MY BRAIN. I'm starting to think that developing decades of RPG Maker skills might have a downside.
I miss my VXA project, so I might be rushing for RSE. Dropping a random progress report

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