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Have you written stories or novels before? If you haven't, you suddenly can't get started with a full blown book. Practice writing short stories or oneshots first then you can try multi chaptered novels.
If you need ideas though, there are prompt generators if you search. They basically generate the first (or first few) sentences for you so can expand upon that. It's helpful if you can't come up with a plot for your story.
You might find these websites helpful :)

The best way to write a good book is to read a lot of good books. The next step is to write something, but not a full book. Just like with game creation, your first projects should be short, and maybe never even see daylight. The first million words you write will probably stink, but you need that practice under your belt. By then you'll know what to write. ;)
I wrote a couple of fanfics before, a several unofficial stories in my notebook, showed it to mom and my teacheR, and a lot of books in my mind. And these things from when I was 6-9. Vry short child stories. It seems that quite people liked my work. its just since I deleted my fanfics which I, honestly, regret I just cant write anything...I just cant. I have this intercoursed Writers block for like1,5 year now.

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In the past hour I've both joined and left the RPG Maker subreddit. So many memories were made. Power to the gam mak!
So the number one complaint I get so far is the levels are simply too large. What's funny is in testing I deemed levels taking too long and actually shortened them. Figuring I could beat them in 5-6 minutes so players would be able to do so in probably double that. I was apparently very mistaken, only one player has mentioned even reaching the second area. Let alone the first boss. :kaoswt:
I don't believe it. I actually did some proofreading in my game - and fixed some grammar errors! I feel so accomplished, knowing I can actually proofread my own writing!
...I've had a bad day, okay? Bad enough for me to want to proofread stuff. :yswt2:
Ughhh, July is not my month. Thankfully, it's nearly done.
mercba30 wrote on Jesse - PVGames's profile.
How do I get the new version of the character creator? Thank you in advance!

I fixed the lips and noses for MZ! The files have been updated.

Everything below!

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