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D.L. Yomegami
D.L. Yomegami
Well, the 1.5 boost for 2 stacks of default buff are fine for the most part, but 2 stacks of debuff cut stats in half and that's when things get stupid. If the attacker's offense and defender's defense are the same, you just need 2 stacks of debuff to completely negate the damage.
D.L. Yomegami
D.L. Yomegami
So you need to make defense lower than offense, but even then debuffs are still stupid. As an example, an attack of 240 to a defense of 120 does 720 damage (before modifiers) with the default damage formula (atk * 4 - def * 2)....
D.L. Yomegami
D.L. Yomegami
But after 2 stacks of debuff, that same attack is now doing 240 damage; a two-thirds decrease. Now factor in 2 stacks of buff (boosting 120 defense to 180), and now it's only doing 120 damage; a pithy 1/6 of the original damage. Yeah, that dark lord is really looking like those goblins in the first dungeon now.
D.L. Yomegami
D.L. Yomegami
You could lower defense even further, but then you risk defense buffs becoming completely worthless instead. 1.5 times pitiful defense is still pitiful defense. Or you could increase offensive stats so the debuffed values aren't so pitiful, but then the unaltered stats could be dishing out OHKOs, which isn't ideal either (unless you want that kind of hardcore difficulty).
D.L. Yomegami
D.L. Yomegami
So the best way I can think of to make the default buffs/debuffs play nice with the default atk * 4 - def * 2 formula is to design buff/debuff skills differently so it's inefficient to keep them up all the time (like only having them last 1 or 2 turns instead of the 5 they have by default). Or just give enemies top-notch buff/debuff removal AI, which is also a pain with just the default settings.

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