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Branding and marketing. Point and click doesn’t sound cool.
The Stranger
The Stranger
LOL! What game is this? Maybe there's a clunky action sequence in it, like the crow killing section in Sanitarium.
There are many, but the loop is similar to DOTA. You click on the map, your actor moves, click to the enemy, your actor attack. And your left hand is ready to press hotkeys for skill.
The Stranger
The Stranger
It's heresy, but I enjoyed playing Diablo 3 on the console far more than on pc. It felt better to play it with a controller than with a mouse.

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Maybe I'll actually try making a retro pack. Already have the shark fin made so why not xD
Hey everyone, for everybody following along with my RPG Maker MZ streams: There will unfortunately not be a stream tonight. There is a big exciting event that will go live next week that has been taking all my time, so look forward to that!
Took a small break by playing VR. Latest update of these glasses unfortunately caused a little of trouble but it can be fixed with a manual operation.

Until You Fall is freaking awesome.
I am SO HYPED to share this trailer with everyone when its done. I almost want to tear up i had no idea how far i came along with Fallen Feather in these last 3 years.
how it looks from the top

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