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I'm very manic-y right now. I didn't sleep and I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done, but didn't get anything done except the bare bones concept for a POSSIBLE game.
And I can't sleep now because I'm probably gonna be hanging out with my brother and I gotta discuss a bunch of BroCoG (our game group) junk with him plus it's far to late to sleep NOW.
While I wait for judging, I decided to start adding more "friends" to my attic. :LZSgrin:

I swear I need a whole sound pack of menacing squeaky toy noises. :kaoswt:
I can't believe I actually managed to stay motivated for the whole Game Jam duration (1 month!), definitely will be taking a break after this :0
can't believe I slept on outer wilds, such an amazing game
Trying to enter ''Downloads'' crashes file explorer ^^ But if i download something online and enter it via the browser it works fine.....Computers...Whaddeya gonnnaa dooo!?:p

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