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console peasant here so glad to hear I'm not missing out, because I felt like I was missing out.

"fetish story"?

(not here necessarily, format isn't ideal, maybe a thread in videogames)
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Fetish story: basically you can bang most things that move, and some things that can't. Including a deathclaw. Also an uncomfortable focus on sexual slavery in one arc even when you aren't playing as legion. I don't undertand it but it seems like every few sequences you are either being propositioned or able to proposition someone for sex for some reason. That's even how one faction approaches you for recruitment.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Sanctimonious: things like being able to recognize who is a bad guy by the fact they have a southern American accent, having the literal space Nazi scientist who wants to gas the entire world and use everyone's corpse to make cyborgs or some **** proclaim he's 'making earth great again' and other really on the nose topical cultural references that are just really cringey at best.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Overall the story is just a disjointed mess though. One minute you're in the NCR fighting the legion the next you're playing dead space fighting enclave cyborgs, then you're playing space invaders dodging astaroids before conveniently crash-landing in the perfect spot to go raid the legion's sex slave dungeon and rescue the girl you thought died in the prologue. Worse than anything it's just a mess.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
I could pm you a synopsis if you are interested maybe, otherwise this is a pretty good and actually entertaining summary of the overall problems: It's a real shame though because on the technical level the game is pretty amazing, but it's story drags any positives into an uncanny abyss.

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