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Philosophus Vagus
Even better, the creator of Inigo has been working on a large dlc-sized expansion of Inigo for the past 3 years now, supposedly to drop sometime in the first quarter of this year, though it was also supposed to drop by Christmas of last year, so take that with a grain of salt. Inigo is the best.

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wow, Surface Tension is really one MF of an FPS level huh
So, I got let go from my current job because my skill set didn't align with the department's goals anymore. I have some hope, because I am currently in contact with a manager from a different department, and they are desperate for more employees. We'll see what happens... :kaoswt:
Worked on some face-sets. Need to finish up the lot and cut some out of the game. She's looking pretty cute.
Even though I'm not going for the first time in...ten years or something...ordered my Gen Con dice!
Will be focusing on map making today and adding locked chests :LZSsmile:Screenshot 2021-09-16 095316.png

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