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Hang in there. Hopefully it will be over soon. My uni will probably open in late May. It might be enough time for the majority of the people to get vaccinated. Do fun stuff for now. You know, things you love to cheer up! ^^
Everyone's situation is different so I don't know what works for you but have you considered therapy or maybe finding a support group (even if online)?

I've been doing therapy for a couple of years but more often since Covid. It helps me a lot.

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Just finished my first Slip into Ruby since last July! It'll be up and added to the main post tomorrow, along with a new Jump into Javascript.
to pass the time.pngTesting out making boxes and packs of items. These things are always fun to do.
Rural Japan Tiles, Giant Dragon Sprite, Paint Icons? & Game Spicy Pixel Fonts | RPG Maker News #31

just hopped into project recruitment... hoping to maybe find some artists to help with parallax maps and whatnot. I could do them myself, but I'm not really good at it so I'd prefer to stick to my strengths which is character art and SOME UI elements.
PRODUCTIVE DAY! I think I FINALLY completed all the items for part 1 of Fallen Feather, that includes the animations, the stats, the pricing, etc. for weapons, armors, key and consumables! all i need to be 100% done is write a few more descriptions (only 10 left out of the 40+ items) and to find some nice pants icons (dont ask lol).

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