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Don't feel bad about not hanging out here as much as you'd like. Even if it's just lurking or you need to take a break, it's nice to have the option to interact with like-minded people when we have the energy for it.

As for not knowing what to talk about? I'm not great at initiating a conversation so mainly just share a blurb of what I'm working on and reply to a few posts.
There's no rule that says we have to interact a certain amount and I think people understand that life gets busy.

Keep your chin up and just be yourself. :)

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Maybe I'll actually try making a retro pack. Already have the shark fin made so why not xD
Hey everyone, for everybody following along with my RPG Maker MZ streams: There will unfortunately not be a stream tonight. There is a big exciting event that will go live next week that has been taking all my time, so look forward to that!
Took a small break by playing VR. Latest update of these glasses unfortunately caused a little of trouble but it can be fixed with a manual operation.

Until You Fall is freaking awesome.
I am SO HYPED to share this trailer with everyone when its done. I almost want to tear up i had no idea how far i came along with Fallen Feather in these last 3 years.
how it looks from the top

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