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Yeah the longer it takes the toucher it gets :(
Still cute fluffy birds Will get you through the Day xD
I feel frustrated by the coof as well.
But for different reasons.
The Stranger
The Stranger
We're dealing with this outbreak far better than we were able to deal with historical outbreaks. it was always going to hang around for a number of years, though. However, with the vaccines rolling out in various countries, I hope you'll be able to see your friends once more. :)
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Having fun in Orlando! We had a lot of fun at the arcade, even though I didn't win any jackpots this time, and then we went to Outback and got a Blooming Onion. Tomorrow we're driving to Fort Myers to see my stepmom.
Now that I have the XP RTP back, I was looking through the files and found Fighter 7, the inspiration for my first sona! She's evolved since then, but it gave me such nostalgia!
Character sprites are difficult to create so I decided to get/buy some. Got the Pixel Champions from Alexdraws. But It had no walking animation :/ But redid the free ones from the Mighty Pack <3 Turned out pretty good imo.Calistra.PNG
Tempted to come up with a unique spell naming system....But ''Fire Magic'' and ''Fire,Fira,Firaga'' are so easily recognizable :p
Yesterday I discovered that I can copy/paste multiple commands by holding shift. I tried this when I started developing holding ctrl and when it didn't work I just copied every single command one by one. For two years.

I am in heaven now.
All right, so lesson learned. No more complicated battle systems for me.

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