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Me everyday.
All that comes to mind when I'm staring at the ever-growing 'To-Do' list is a bunch of random community advice :
'Don't make your first project too big!'
'Cut features rather than add to them!'
'Ask yourself, does a feature really have to exist? What does it add to gameplay?'
And I know, deep down...I have broken every piece of community advice.
But it will all be worth it in the end! :D
Dont worry to much, too what is to big any way?
if you start small, look my game, than, lets add 2 features
for more exitement, than yay, sweet.

lets add 2 maps for a sidejob, works good, 1 month laters,
100+ maps, tons of features, extended story, than think "oh boy"
what have I done, this goes out of hand :p

if its too big, no worries, if you like it, they like it, than both sides
are happy ^^
I originally had a small area planned that holds an optional boss, and that's all.
Then it's 5 maps. Then it's full of location-exclusive loot that you can't find anywhere else. Then I decide to do a really cool cutscene sequence with said boss that requires making a spritesheet. And now it has a side quest there too!
...Okay, I've brought this down on myself.

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Turning a specific vibe into reality is incredibly difficult. For instance, this song is one of the ones I listen to when working on my post apocalyptic project, and getting it's "feeling" into the game has been a real challenge.

I don't just wanna regurgitate the numbers I see, I wanna actually understand the calculations I'm making so I'm probably gonna make a post later with some calculations and what I THINK they mean to get some advice and corrections.

Edit: All (Most) of these will be tested in game prior. I just wanna make sure I understand what's going on under the hood if you will.
my girlfriend calls all my little chibi art cute lol... funny considering that wasn't the original art style of the game.
100 problems in RMMZ 100 more problems take one down pass it around 101 Problems in RMMZ
Made some progress on my game, mostly mapping. Learned quite a bit in the process!.


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