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Is it good or bad that I like to treat potions as magical pharmaceuticals? XD
Its common knowledge that monster blood crystallizes into gold coins after its death because its a magical world where monsters exist in the first place, and given this knowledge is obvious then as to why bigger monsters give more money as their sheer size means more blood gets turned to gold coins compared to a cave rat.
@BK-tdm that is probably the BEST explanation for why monsters have STACKS of money on them that has EVER existed :LZSlol: :LZSlol:.
@BK-tdm I love that explanation, although I don't even know if becoming Gold is necessary! I could imagine the world where monster infestations are such a problem that society is OK using proof of their death (monster parts, blood, whatever) as currency; there's where currency enters the system and of course you could trade it for other services/goods that people do...
...Of course, that would be messy, unwieldy and unhygienic, so then maybe people use gold coins instead and allow you to trade monster remains in for coins... but it's still an interesting thought experiment!

@ScorchedGround Hilarious picture!! (Reminds me of the exact opposite of trade offers the computer AIs usually make me in multiplayer games!)

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