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The Stranger
Old fashioned garbage. Always hated updating CVs, writing covering letters, etc. I'm glad a lot of it is slowly being done away with, replaced by more straightforward online things.

Also, the concept of "selling yourself" by embellishing things in covering letters and what not, making yourself out to be perfect for a certain job, has never sat right with me.

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I don't just wanna regurgitate the numbers I see, I wanna actually understand the calculations I'm making so I'm probably gonna make a post later with some calculations and what I THINK they mean to get some advice and corrections.
my girlfriend calls all my little chibi art cute lol... funny considering that wasn't the original art style of the game.
100 problems in RMMZ 100 more problems take one down pass it around 101 Problems in RMMZ
Made some progress on my game, mostly mapping. Learned quite a bit in the process!.

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