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Pick up FPS Creator. I think the classic version, the easier to use one, is free now. Found that fun to use. There's also a new version on Steam called GameGuru, but I didn't find it as easy to use.
thanks, i'll definitely look into that!
You could also try to make a horror game that focuses more on puzzles or you could try GDevelop. That engine allows you to make more general games such as shooter or platformer. Well, that's my two cents anyway.
Unity/Unreal/Godot are all free. Though if you have knowledge of JS, or you just want to Frankenstein enough plugins together... You can definitely make a non-RPG game in RM. Maybe make a horror game with MV3D? Or perhaps a tactics style war game? :LZSexcite:
Even though the software is deceptively called "RPG Maker", you can make everything besides an RPG.

Farming games, Story-driven games, Horror games, Puzzle games, educational games, with some fine-tuning even action games.

And everything in-between.

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Uploaded a new Video today where I play Minecraft "The Bridge" please check it out & let me know what you think of it!
I normally only post these every 24 hours, but same-sex marriage is coming to Rune Factory 5 and I just wanted to share it with the world! https://www.xseedgames.com/2021/09/23/rune-factory-5-localization-blog-2/
Today was wild. In the day I worked in my project (and realized I have almost 100 hours wich is a happy surprise), and now i'm having to calm my boyfriend down because of chris pratt Mario.
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Still alive! Totally did not finish in time for the Jam (boy that's late) but tl;dr of the last half a year is Work term -> Covid Lockdown -> Sick... again -> Full time Employment. Game stuff has been on hiatus but got a new graphics tablet so hopefully updates again soon. =D

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