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The Stranger
The Stranger
Poor birb. :(

Yeah, I only suffered a sore arm for a couple of days after getting my first vaccination. Experienced nothing at all after my second one.
I was insanely anxious due to how many fainting reports have there been recently, but know I'm more relaxed :kaoswt2:

And no worries, no birbs where harmed.

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my birthday was yesterday...
i feel closer 2 being able 2 get a discount on the kids menu than i do being able to buy booze1627428008986.png
Getting to play your RM game on Steam Deck? How cool is that?
The best among us don't set out to be heroes. They don't want that job. They just set out to do the things nobody else wants to do. Because... someone has to do it.
Azihayya wrote on ATT_Turan's profile.
Magus avatar homey!
Getting back into the thick of work on Untold Story and it feels great to be back. I'm gonna take what I learned from the Game Jam and try and get some serious work done for the rest of 2021.

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