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So everything in this picture is handdrawn? Nice.

One thing I noticed, which may correlate with the character being a draft, is that the character as of now does not really mesh well with the map. I can't really put my finger on it though, just looks "out of place".

Also, what species is that character? My first thought was that it looked goblin-esque.
@ScorchedGround It's probably because the sprite still has her black outline, which the final version won't. Most of the outlines have been removed from the map image.

She's an elf. Their skin colour evolved as a means to allow them to hide more easily in trees.
Ophiucus Games
Ophiucus Games
Looks like a nice start and nice to see resources being made from scratch. She’s got a very cohesive style which I like. One thing that I would suggest is the wooden mantelpiece about the fireplace should be a darker color so that it contrasts better with the floorboards.
Ophiucus Games
Ophiucus Games
Also the internal dividing walls on the bedrooms could use more detail so they match the other walls.
Not too bad. Some things I'm noticing is it's pretty low contrast for the most part (like, even the shading) and that indistinguishable thing below the bed is completely out of place with the rest of it. It's just flat and outlined, while the rest of it has shading and no outline. The character looks pretty cute, though.

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