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Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Things that make skyrim playable: There are mods for that (thieves guild requirements specifically, and if you really hate the guild, destroy the thieves guild exists too, both are quality, more so than vanilla skyrim at least. People see modding as primarily cheating, but there are tons of great quality of life mods that really enhance the enjoyable aspects of the game and reduce or eliminate the rough spots.

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About the Deer, I had to cut some piece of video due the *swearing* Youtube copyrights issues...
A caveman pokes his head in...
I was listening to songs by Chuck E Cheese's voice actor (Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup) when the meds I was taking for my stomach virus apparently stopped working. I can't take my next dose until morning, but it's no use anyway. I'm officially sick again. Of course, I'll definitely take the next dose either way, but it's useless now.
New profile picture! This time, it's representative of my current project.
I suddenly feel like making a game for little kids: a pointless sandbox of cute animals, silly collectibles, and random mini games.

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