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I need to make a video showcasing it to see how much Youtube helps. Also I should probably still do Insta as well. Though I will probably just end up deleting that, I detest the Facebook too much. :LZSexcite: Admittedly if Twitter is any indicator, then Insta is equally valueless for advertising. So I'm not out much.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Instagram and Twitter probably hold more value for existing followers. It's easier to share info about your game on those platforms. Both have their downsides in that people already need to know about your accounts, your game, in order to search for them. Might be wise to keep Instagram going even if it nets you only a handful of views and downloads, though.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Imgur will always get you lots of views. People on Imgur seem to have nothing better to do other than browse Imgur all day. lol. They only seem to be interested in memes, uplifting stories, or political nonsense on one side of the spectrum, though. Not sure if you want such people taking notice of your game. xD

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It makes sense that you try to focus on the squishy mages at the back of the party first, right? If the mage can out-DPS the enemy DPS before the latter can kill the tank in front, the fight becomes boring.

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