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I think a lot of it came down to not really explaining the whole ghost mechanic very well, and it's heavy mobility increase to speed stuff up. I figured giving the player to essentially build up "invincible star power" that lasted for a second per star would trivialize levels. I guess not. Not only am I going to speed up Poppet, I'm going to shrink levels to 150x150 from the 200x200 they are now.
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Day 2 of my redesign journey, as a follow up from the previous post :kaothx:

This is Cedric's son, Apollo!
New pet peeve: Telling tech support personnel what something is doing, only for them to tell me (in excessively condescending tones) what it should be doing. Yes, I know what it should be doing, and if it was doing that, I wouldn’t be talking to you and your attitude problem about it right now, would I? >.<
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The rules I makes pun about on your last thread is about "Verify Files" before anything else, if the stuff comes from STEAM. Which means, if it could be fixed with just that, there is no need to redownload the whole stuff.
But glad the reinstall worked, hope you enjoy it and your days too.
uh oh, I just tapped into a fresh, deep vein of nightmare fuel right here guys:

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