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lol - only 2 days and you say finally? That's pretty fast to me :D

Youtube is awesome for stuff like this. Can't count the number of things I've needed to do and had no idea about, until I looked it up on YT.
@Shaz Dad is convinced that YouTube is only for entertainment.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
If your dad is honestly that technologically illiterate in this day and age and you aren't just busting his chops...then I both admire and envy him.

Just help him with the blinds anyway, the only way to get competent at mechanical skills is to **** up at doing them, a lot. That's how they are learned. Internet tutorials are awesome.
@Philosophus Vagus Well, he ended up not fixing them after all, and I go home tomorrow morning. Thankfully, the route this train takes goes through Tampa, and there's tons of chickens around that station. Chickens are so pretty--I feel so guilty eating them.

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I was listening to songs by Chuck E Cheese's voice actor (Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup) when the meds I was taking for my stomach virus apparently stopped working. I can't take my next dose until morning, but it's no use anyway. I'm officially sick again. Of course, I'll definitely take the next dose either way, but it's useless now.
New profile picture! This time, it's representative of my current project.
I suddenly feel like making a game for little kids: a pointless sandbox of cute animals, silly collectibles, and random mini games.
Anyone else just like, not bother to make games themed around specific holidays? I know I won't get them done in time for it to make sense.
time to enter the playtest dimension

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