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I don't plan to abandon it, I'm just not sure if I'll port it or stick it out with RM. Either way, I'll still likely pester people here so don't take this as a leaving message or anything. You're not getting rid of me that easily. :LZSwink:
Sunk cost fallacy keeps me throwing hours at my overscoped RM game for now, but I'm always curious just how much greener the grass is across the fence. I was pretty intimidated by the prospect of coding, but I'm more comfortable with the idea these days--thanks in large part to the fact that getting anything interesting done in RM requires coding, too.
That's kind of what kept me going too. But after more people than I care to admit in this community (most recently Drifty) asked why I used this engine, or said it would probably be easier to make what I wanted in a different engine. I decided to finally take their advice and see for myself.
What I found was... I made a new game in two weeks with realistic lighting, physics, particles, a start menu, a pause menu, multiple types of attack, projectiles, smart collision, pressure sensitive jumping and even a minor enemy AI.... All of which was done without a single line of code. No joke, all I've done so far is drag boxes around, and name variables. I thought not knowing C++ would matter but nope.
It's even awkwardly easier to make a tilemap in it as any image can be declared a tilemap that you can set whatever tile size you want to, and any collision you like, even polygons you can hand draw if it amuses you. Of course I'm going with sprites as there's a "shrinkwrap" option that just automatically makes the collision the sprite's graphic.

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