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Paralysis by Analysis!! Planning is important (and can be fun for people like myself), but once you've planned even a small part of the game, sit down in the editor and make that part of the game. Having some work done in a tangible form will make it a lot easier to keep trucking and make sure you create the game of your dreams (instead of merely creating a really good design document).
That sounds like really good advice!
I've been spending so much time learning the abilities and shortcuming of MV and various plugins, so many wonderful plugins!

But, I think I do need to actually make some maps and event some cutscenes. It has literally been months.

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I decided to reinstall one of my most favourite game of all times, Gothic 2. Time to get back to Khorinis!
So much game make... I needs to rest. The foods call.
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Monday December 6th 2021 at 7PM Hawkzombie will stream A Thief's Voyage on his Twitch.

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Check it out.​
Ladies and gentlepeeps, I'm working on a Chuck E Cheese horror game! Did you know that in the 80's, in the Pizza Time Theater, Helen Henny was a separate character who performed in a separate room called the Cabaret? She was one of the possible guest stars there, and she was a Hollywood star at the time. But this particular unit seems to have a dark secret...

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