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*draws knife* I've got your back my friend! but seriously, don't put the weight of the world on your shoulders and tackle small things in your project, sometimes doing something as simple as naming all the items in the item section inspires me to keep going! small victories wins wars my friend!
I've just been doing it anyway, although I am not completely spent of motivation, I can feel the steepness of the mountain I must climb to finish this game.

I wish I could offer you better words, just gotta take small steps in your game until you too can start climbing the mountain, which has your finished product at the top. I can't say much more, because I'm on that journey myself currently.
I feel you. I felt lazy today so I did a couple small towns and then gave up on mapping. Instead I trudged my way through the enemy database while listening to youtube videos I like. Tomorrow I guess I'll go back to mapping... Or maybe I'll look for resources. Or maybe I'll brainstorm some more skills. Or maybe I'll play around with plugins. It's okay, a little bit is better than nothing at all.
Black Pagan
Black Pagan
I listen to Music, That's what motivates me.
Pots Talos
Pots Talos
There is nothing wrong with taking a break until you feel motivated again.

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Big Google Warning Today for chrome users - apparently some kind of security threat has happened and everyone is being advised to update their Chrome browser ASAP by going to settings and/or "About Google Chrome", to update their browser version to a new one just released.
Firefox pointed me to a little inspiration: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/writers-maps

So, I shared. :D
To be released 2021/10/21
Now that I made this "What the MZ RTP is missing" spreadsheet it's itching me to fill some the gaps D:
Aaaaand I completely forgot about the RMMV Chicken Rave my brother decided to implement in a parody of my VERY FIRST UNFINISHED project. We could not escape the chicken rave... The chickens would block the ladder...

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