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Tea's Jams
Tea's Jams
Thanks! I spent the whole day on this update so pretty glad it's finally out ^^
Tea's Jams
Tea's Jams
I know the feeling. Now, the wait for the bug reports to come rolling in right? :LZSlol:
You bet :kaoeh: but the more bug reports I get now, the fewer I'll have in the future.
Also once my plugin is far enough along the line I can commercialise it and make a small living out of it finally :LZSjoy:

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I'm listening to iiluminaughtii talking about the secrets behind shady businesses and scams. Meanwhile I'm writing a fanfic about Sephiroth from FF7, one specifically for my stepmom. I'll get to give it to her, too, because my boss said I could take the holidays off! Dec. 22-27 I will be in Orlando, and maybe Fort Myers too, visiting my dad and stepmom!
Of course, I bought a handful of games on the Steam Black Friday sale. Will I try them? Will I complete any? Who knows...
I don't really have any neat updates today about how I screwed up programming... But if you want to observe the intensenes of me programming, then you can check out my stream :)
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No more spam from me today, I promise! Just wanted to upload this, people have been giving me feedback that my weapon sprites (which were RTP) clashed badly with my battlers for ages, so today I finally took the plunge and updated them! Really happy with how they came out :D :D
So Facebook fraudulently took money from me. They even went through my PayPal accounts to find a card that had the money on it. Thinking about deleting my Facebook account because this doesn't happen on twitter, not even close.

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