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The kidnapping one is getting a little too common for my tastes. xD I enjoy ASMR where the one doing it doesn't sit there staring you down while tapping their nails against a bottle of shampoo.

Oh! You forgot the ASMR creator who only makes ASMR videos (usually with a terrible mic) to get away with what amounts to softcore porn; sitting in their underwear and closeups of their boobs are included. xD
If they're not doing that, 9/10 times I will see an anime thumbnail that they probably just grabbed off of Google.
Also, I agree 100% with the kidnapping thing. Yanderes do other things besides kidnap people, LOL.
The Stranger
Besides, once you've enjoyed Skittykat's yandere asmr (TBH, I wouldn't call most of her stuff ASMR, especially not the stuff outside of YouTube), the rest just comes across as trash. xD
Now I'm intrigued. Gotta check this person out.
The Stranger
She has a few videos on YouTube (mostly the more cutesy stuff), but most of her work can be found on her website (I can't link it here because she also does NSFW audio).
@The Stranger sitting in their underwear and closeups of their boobs are included
Like whom?! ...I mean, y'know, so I know whom to avoid...
The Stranger
@ATT_Turan Amouranth has an ASMR channel on YouTube, where she hosts videos in which she either wears super revealing clothes or just outright sits in her underwear; all of them are sexually suggestive. Oh, it also wasn't age gated, yet I need to submit ID to watch a prank video or to see people get trolled on Second Life.
What the heck. How does COPPA even allow that?
The Stranger

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