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The Stranger
The Stranger
Pretty much. You care about her because she's a cute little girl. It's probably also why a fair number of people lost interest in her as she grew older in later games.
That's probably why I've never liked her. Could always tell that the only reason she existed was basically to emotionally manipulate me as a player. I've never enjoyed that sort of writing. It has always made me hate whatever show/movie/book it has been in.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Gotta admit, I enjoyed it. I knew why she existed, but I enjoyed playing daddy all the same. lol. She could've been replaced with a dog and folk would've pretty much felt the same way. I didn't like her in future games because she was no longer that sweet little girl; she was now someone I disliked and didn't recognise. The appeal to my paternal instincts had died. xD
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Stark contrast to my playing that game... I kept trying to get her killed at every opportunity and I kept trying to teach her the worst things I could.

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