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No matter where, there will be people says "this work is cringe, (add insults here)" on any kind of media. Ofc, there were also people who did mention about 'cringe', but not to such extent.
Its a personal opinion, I'm aware, but at times I can't help but wonder why it looks like as if there were people offended to it.
Personally, I think those 'cringe stuff' tend(not always) to be required on entertainment media, and it should be something to be enjoyed rather then insulted.
I understand people grown up and they took path, like myself, I tend to laugh 'cringe' off rather than felt embarrassed. Others might be otherwise; but I still unable to comprehend towards the offended and what angers them...
Ppl are weird - let's leave it at that xD
Don't let it bother yourself too much
The Stranger
Cringe is, more often than not, used as a generic insult for everything and anything someone online doesn't like. That's all. I wouldn't let it get to you.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
One man's insult is another's pride. I literally just had a whole conversation about that, and agree that you shouldn't let it bother you. Lots of different perspectives out there, it'd be boring if there weren't. If someone enjoys something and is willing to pay for its production (in most cases, strictly speaking to 'cringe' entertainment here) then it should be allowed to exist.
Philosophus Vagus
Philosophus Vagus
Everything shouldn't cater to the lowest common denomenator, it is okay and in fact creates better and more varied products overall to be niche at times, and to cater to niches.
I see it works on different view.
All this time, what I see about being cringe were something that tend to be related to "being cool", yet its executed poorly on its media.
Which led to awkwardness or embarrassment towards its viewer.

Knowing it to be "an insult" is definitely new to me. :kaomad2:
The Stranger
The word itself isn't even used properly online. Something can't be cringey (it's not even a word), but a person can cringe. Think it means to lower one's head in fear or shame. Something like that. You can cringe because of something, but something that isn't a person can't cringe or be cringe.
The Stranger
Saying that, even I sometimes use the word wrongly. Whenever I've used it online, I've took it to mean silly or embarrassing. I've used to describe things negatively and positively. I honestly don't think it has a single definition online; people certainly aren't using its original definition. I've seen it used to describe many things online. lol.

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