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The Stranger
The Stranger
You logged into the world in 1993, and have never logged out since then. :)
And here, I thought we're logging off during sleep and logging in at waking up. To think that is just AFK... :kaocry:
The Stranger
The Stranger
Best not to log out during sleep, you might encounter server errors when trying to log back in. Some users have even found their accounts randomly banned or hacked - this is how ghostly\demonic possession works. :p

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hmm one of those days where there's a lot to work on with my game... annnnnd I have no idea what I wanna do. most of it tho, involves drawing lol. either enemies or NPCs.
I'm going back to the default RTP, in the interest of getting it done. FSM is lovely but slow to work with and has tall doors. And switching to tall sprites would mean a lot of franking, and also the horses will be small.
I think I developed a stalker trauma (stalkerfobia?) because of my previous work publishing games on Steam. :(
RIP, MeatLoaf :( Hot patootie, bless his soul, he really loved that rock 'n roll.
Psychronics Games is doing a livestream about my game in a bit... And I will do a video about his game after that.
Watch their stream with us on youtube!

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