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The Stranger
Were the cookies yummy? :)
They still are! I made two types of macarons (coconut and walnut) and the other two probably don't translate well, one is a buttery S-Shaped very short(?) type of cookie and the last one is "spritz cookies", a dough with hazlenuts that is shaped utilizing a meat grinder. I have a lot more on my list, but you gotta start somewhere xD
The Stranger
Those do sound delicious! One of my favourite German treats to have at Christmas are chocolate covered lebkuchen.

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That moment when you're getting a new update ready, deploy it for the final round of testing (gotta make sure the deployed version runs, ya know?) andddddd there's a visual blip :ysrs: Doesn't impact gameplay. It's only on-screen for a few seconds. But you can't leave it there.
So now you have to fix it, then redeploy, then retest. Why do I do this to myself.
So I'm reading a sci-fi book called Berserker Man. Now, the 'Berserker Man' isn't a man or a Berserker. He is actually a very calm 11 year-old-boy. So misleading title. He was recruited to fight these emotionless killing machines called Berserkers. Also confusing. I will read it until it starts making sense.
A few tweaks and changes, now the load screen is literally loading :kaoswt:
I tried a new thing.

Another night, another game dev stream in about 20 minutes or so.

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