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Never take threads like that as serious advice. It's a thread designed to let people vent about things they personally dislike or find annoying.
In fact, I'd say to basically ignore them. If you're making a game for you, then make the game you want. If you're making a game for others, then you'd have to go through all sorts of marketing research to find what that game is. I love the threads for just seeing things from other perspectives, but I'm still going to do things some people find annoying.

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9 days left for Harold Jam... hope it's not too late to start gam mak
i think this girl has to be my favorite though :)
Wouldn't you know it? Every woman that is interested in me on FB is a bot. Maybe I should respond with 000100100011. If u r willing to date women on FB something has definitely went wrong with your life.
Hello world !! I've created a logo design for my game, I'm calling it "Soup Quest" (It was honestly the best I could come up with <:]) !!
P.S. ty to the person who told me about the "purple text not mixing well with dark mode". I'll be careful on using colored text in the future !!

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