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The maker will usually be explicit if it's only for one person or up for grabs. If it's unclear, either post a message in that thread or PM the creator.
The Stranger
Yeah, I've never been 100% sure on it, either. I just did as @kirbwarrior said and asked the creator of the resource if it's okay if I used what they had made. Luckily, I've only seen a single thing posted there I've really wanted to use, and the artist said they didn't mind if I used it. lol.

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It's been long time since last I'm tinkering with RPG Maker ~
Turns out. I wasn't in my head accounting for when the Actor doesn't have a weapon equipped but DOES still have a Grimoire equipped... 40+ SV Spritesheets!!! D'x
Elemental chart based on taoism could be interesting.
Come and join me in 10 minutes for Trihan's Challenge Hour, where I'll be attempting a game of Cartographers where I can only position terrain in the orientation on the explore card! Following that will be the Wifestream, where Kytt will be trying out From Space for the first time! https://twitch.tv/trihanstreams
F***, I promised myself not to make overlong intros anymore, but the dialogues are again getting out of hand in a very visual novel kind of way, and there's only two fights against bats in between them...well, at least there's going to be a proper area with fights after this intro sequence. And the intro is a bit more lively with several locations and different scenes.

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