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As the homemade rocket took off the ladder ripped out the compartment holding the parachute. One guy watching could be heard pleading, "Deploy the parachute." You mean the thing laying on the ground over there? So his rocket became a rock as it crashed to the ground. And I was thinking, "Do you know who could have been helpful on his crew? A NASA rocket scientist.
Huh. Never heard of him. I Google'd it and his Wiki page is now attempting to claim that his "flat earth" beliefs were just a PR stunt for rocket funding...
@EidolonDreams Yeah, I tried to add that info to the 2nd post but didn't have enough room. And I didn't really want to add a third post. I didn't know if anyone would actually find this interesting. It's sad to die a stupid death for something you didn't even believe in. Just because he liked rockets and was using gullible people to fund him.

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I need some of whatever you've been drinking for the last few weeks!
Although I love your awesome tutorials and always want more, I sure hope you're not going to burn yourself out.
Has anyone else ever thought about how the title of Gym Leader is usually hereditary? Usually the gym leaders child or sibling becomes the next gym leader. Not always, but usually. Pokémon nepotism
I have a new profile photo and I'm loving the heck out of it! Thanks @Finnuval :kaopride:
Finally sat down and made a template of my world map in Inkarnate. Now to translate this to MV.
Oof. Literally got a "whose code is this, 'cause it sucks" in one of my projects.

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