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Then I remember Gandolf fighting off the Balrog in LOTR. And it makes sense now.
Vox Novus
Vox Novus
You could have some justification for it to by staves being made from special materials like wood from a sacred tree which promotes the magical capabilities of the user and as a secondary property also is effective against demons due to it being blessed or sacred.
In some lores, monks would be armed with holy staves, which were blessed with holy energy, and are quite effective at damaging & weakening demons. Miroku from Inuyasha & Xuanzang Sanzang from FGO (and Journey to the West) are known "holy" monks that wield staves & fight demons with them.
While those are both interesting ideas I have my entire weapon system based on normal materials in my game. They go from weaker wood to more resilient wood. From Elm to Oak to Ash to Enchanted Wood. The same with the metal weapons and armor. I also have an Enchanting system that will show up later on in the game that allows the player to give weapons magical properties like Holy.
Don't worry, I've done that to myself multiple times. No wonder I can't release a full game that doesn't take years to develop... My weapons in my only demo currently out are based on bronze, iron, and steel Armor falls under boiled leather, bronze, and steel, with cloth underarmor of various types. There is also magic equipment but it's very expensive.

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working on an A/V sync system for my game! was NOT expecting the first roadblock to be accessing a variable from a public class!! Computers are so finicky sometimes :kaosigh:
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That's got to be a good sign considering it only has place holder animations, enemy skills, troop comps, etc. right now. Feels good!
Finally upgraded to RMMZ.
FINALLY, I figured out how to get the "tail" to appear IN the window and not directly below it lol. now it looks like it's part of the window and not hanging from the bottom of it.
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