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I feel destroyed and I don't know if I want to make that game anymore. :/

I problably will for those few who bought it (I love you all), but I really am not in the mood do realease anything anymore anywhere...

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I still do this kinda stuff and I think this came out really, really well. Solo violin really helps this piece shine.
Currently at beginner level, checking tutorials on YT and Skillshare
If you like my music I'm open for commissions. You can also visit my website by clicking here to know more about my work.
I know it can be a little confusing with all the advent calendars and time zones, but make sure Starbird, GalacticGod, WaywardMartian and Guardinthena get all the love they deserve fot their hard work! ;3
*it's getting better all the time* tenacious determination (got bills to pay) and doing PT for this gimpy hand - I'm improving quite a bit. :rock-left::troll::rock-right: Had to resign from my fav Lead Security Analyst job because I couldn't type to keep pace ;_; however, Big N kept me on, so finishing my contracts with them. :D

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