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Bummer. :/ Well, have some hot tea with honey, take your vitamins and cold-medicine. I also find echinacea (a herbal supplement) can help in fighting off and recovering from a cold/flu. Of course see the doctor if you haven't already (or if you think it's getting worse). And, this is the hard one, get some much needed rest (sometimes we push ourselves too hard, I know I do when I'm focused and "in the zone" of a project). ;) Get better soon, and good luck.

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No more spam from me today, I promise! Just wanted to upload this, people have been giving me feedback that my weapon sprites (which were RTP) clashed badly with my battlers for ages, so today I finally took the plunge and updated them! Really happy with how they came out :D :D
So Facebook fraudulently took money from me. They even went through my PayPal accounts to find a card that had the money on it. Thinking about deleting my Facebook account because this doesn't happen on twitter, not even close.
Today the 2nd part of the RPGMakergame "A Thief's voyage" came out.

Go show DutchPowerCreations some love.
love it when you forget to put a certain thing in the movement route and suddenly a character starts spinning at 10000 rpm
I'm sorry. I have a bad feeling I've been manic the past couple of days. Antidepressants have only been making things worse somehow -- too drowsy to function, followed by insomnia. Why not making me go crazy to boot?

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