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why not? thats why lol im going to use an installer as i feel it looks better. for dumb gamers who cannot find their way around a pc its ideal as it can even put a shortcut on the dektop too! (although if you not a fan just don't do it lol!)
It absolutely makes your game look professional. People not in the know, aka 99% of people on earth will expect an installer for your game. If they don't find one they'll be confused or disappointed thinking it's a low budget game (which it is, but that's besides the point). People are used to handholding through this process, so you have to oblige if you want people to play.
It's mainly for people who wouldn't be able to open the folder and find the Game file anyway...which in the commercial community is apparently a pretty large demographic. It's also nifty for the people who expect it; I know I'd end up doing it if I released it in a non-rm circle or with my own site.
Maybe for commercial projects it's okay, but what the hell is so confusing about the default extraction methods of RPG Maker? It tells you which path to extract the game, you select that, and BOOM! You can play. I also have so many RM games that I don't want to have a desktop icon to access them, but rather keep them all in one place, so I feel that the whole installer thing is a waste of time.

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