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Save the cheerleader, save the world?
Luminous Warrior
Luminous Warrior
Isn't that the plot of Lollipop Chainsaw?
Probotector 200X
Probotector 200X
@Celianna: Play as the cheerleader, not have a cheerleader be the "damesel in distress" though I suppose you could do both!

@Luminous Warrior: Juliet is a cheerleader hero, yes, but she uses a chainsaw, and fights zombies (meh). I know it's been done before (Kim Possible is another example) But, it hasn't been done very often.
L'Antipatico 2.0
L'Antipatico 2.0
Why don't use a zombie...that fight cheerleaders?

Absolutely original, crazy and silly.
Probotector 200X
Probotector 200X
@L: well, that sounds gross to be honest.

My current idea for a cheerleader hero, well it's got space travel! And she's like, considered a Goddess to some desert people. So, space goddess cheerleader. Yup.

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