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If only I had such skill. :(

I know only the bare basics, and I'm sure you need some who can play RGSS like a fiddle. :D
Lol me too, I've tried coding but it wasn't for me, the most advanced I ever got was HTML lol ! the hassle it would save me though!! ah well.
The Stranger
The Stranger
Give Dr.Yami a try. She's a wonderful scripter. She's quite quick (depending on the script complexity) and her prices are fair.

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Kitchen counters! I am on my second version of counters. It is slow going and I always see little details that could be done better. Have to force myself to say that's good enough for now and continue on.
I always thought I was just really, really bad at communication, then the internet proceeds to say "lol no".
Almost 100,000 Threads! We should make a celebration. Make a 100K logo? :p
Cursed problem: Multiple language switches. Say, you want to switch to EN language from JP but you have no idea where the language switch in JP menu language.
Tonight I'm finally going to start putting the dungeons my team has made on grid paper into the engine. That's the final step of making the game world.

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