Comments on Profile Post by Mako

  1. zachfoss
    count me in
    Sep 25, 2013
  2. AstoXx
    I think I'm one of the worst as well. As soon as you sit down to do stuff, LIFE happens. All the time.
    Sep 25, 2013
  3. Traveling Bard
    Traveling Bard
    You're not alone haha I'm either procrastinating or focusing too much on a specific scene/dialogue/whatever and get nothing else done anyway. Coffee helps me focus some times. Oh and so does go somewhere else to work. Like a library or a starbucks. If you're at home it's so easy to just play games, sleep, or watch movies instead of working.
    Sep 25, 2013
  4. Vance Raehart
    Vance Raehart
    zan is the biggest mofo on the site
    Sep 25, 2013