Comments on Profile Post by Neoz Kaho

  1. Chaos17
    It's a nice video and you made it well. I just found it a bit too long.
    May 23, 2012
  2. Reynard Frost
    Reynard Frost
    Cool video, needs more showing of combat and other gameplay though. Story should be revealed while playing.
    May 23, 2012
  3. Ronove
    What's the song you're using? I definitely like the images, but I agree with Chaos17, it felt long. Though that could be since I can't read it, haha.
    May 23, 2012
  4. FenixFyreX
    I really like how you added a level of 'realism' into the environment; for instance, climbing the pillar to be able to make the jump to the pillars in the middle of the chasm was great. Nice vid, I look forward to the game.
    May 23, 2012
  5. Neoz Kaho
    Neoz Kaho
    Thanks everyone. I'll try to improve the presentation for the next trailer. :D

    @Ronovo The first three songs are from Pandora Hearts, Preparation, Crush and Confidence respectively. The last one is from Xenoblade. Hope this helps. :)
    May 24, 2012